Latest Interior Design Trends 2022

Latest Interior Design Trends 2022

Transform your home with the hottest new interior design trends

You can make a significant change to your home with the latest styles in interior design.

In some cases, that well planned and even simple alteration in design can bring a whole new look to your place and even add value to your home.

The new design trends for 2022 are all about revamping and re-energising your spaces to give the place you call home one that has a true calling.

With a refocus on the home interior from having spent more time there in the last few years, people have seen where things can change, and designers have come up with some exciting new options.

Making more of your indoors

The division of space within a home – whether that is a house or an apartment – is all about making the most of every inch. This is where nooks and crannies in the corners of a home are important to celebrate and utilise. Then there is the all too often wasted space above head height. With lamps, mobiles, ceiling decorations and the like, this half-forgotten area of your home can add charm and character to your space.

Having the energy and overall vibe of your home flow through each room gives a sense of calm and continuity that can make for a more welcoming space. 

This is where utilising any natural light and creating a mood for each particular room with your choice of colour is the key.

There are a number of different variations for 2022 that can showcase your sense of taste and build a warm and inviting feeling in your home.

A more natural look and feel 

One of the hottest interior design trends for 2022 is having genuine greenery indoors. 

This is something of a throwback to the early 80s when there was a distinct call to invite more of Mother Nature inside the home with plants that complemented the natural woods of the interior.

The beauty of indoor plants of today is the wider variety on offer, and matching the look with the shades of timber creates a stunning look. The added bonus is that you are adding an element of style while purifying the air you breathe.

This is where a formation of hanging plants from a new look timber ceiling brings a beautiful facet to your home. With exposed timberwork and a simple colour palette to set off all that’s wonderful about timber can bring a special stylistic to the dining, lounge or even the kitchen area.

Timbers and woods of different shades and tones can be a focal point that invites a feeling of connection with the natural world.

The focus of a feature wall

timber feature wall

Feature walls are back in a big way. The opportunity to make a statement with a well-designed wall wasn’t gone for long. 

One of the most popular interior ideas is to have a timber feature wall that stands out from the other walls of the space. Using textured materials on a feature wall rather than just a single bold colour is another option that is growing in popularity. This can give a feel of a museum display, and to recreate this you can purchase exhibition display services.

Using a signature colour that is used subtly throughout the rest of the home is a terrific touch of personal taste that gives your home its own personality.

There can be a way to use natural materials with industrial items for a contrasting design, such as the combination of timbers and metal mesh Melbourne homeowners are being drawn to. It can often be a minimalist look with a twist that sets the imagination running, this can inspire those that work from home such as IT consulting support jobs or IT managed support jobs.

Gone are the lavish decorations and items such as large cubes and ornate wall sculptures. It could be put down to the need for a more serene and gentle look in the often tumultuous times of a pandemic and the recovery period. 

There is an appetite for being genuine which has shown in demand for hand-made and artisan pieces rather than cookie-cutter elements from somewhere else.

Retro your home back in style

Another trend is the look back into the 70s for inspiration.

Rather than just transplant each space into a funky, disco or glam rock style, there are ideas from the 1970s that can add a splash of style that has been missing from your place.

Some of the retro touches include;

  • Return to Rattan – even though it has been around for centuries, rattan, cane and wicker furnishings hit the top of the charts in the 70s. It’s back and it’s easy to see why it has reinvigorated people’s imaginations. It has the earthy charms of natural fibre while bringing a laidback look to everything from chairs, shelves and lampshades. 
  • A velvet goldmine – the sumptuousness of velvet has had a renaissance with lounge chairs and sofas in both soft and striking colours all the rage. It is both fun and luxurious at the same time, and it’s no wonder that it has returned with strength. The variations come with different and even bold coloured cushions and upholstery.
  • Anything but orange and plastic – There was a great deal of plastic in a 70s home and that isn’t coming back anytime soon. It is a similar story with the strong orange that was abundant in everything from carpets to wallpaper. One look that has snuck back in is the use of mustards and even avocado green. It’s not uncommon to find a new kitchen remodelled in a 70s way which makes the most of avocado green tiling.

The most important thing about any interior design trend for 2022 and beyond is to make it as sustainable as possible. Reusing and recycling materials from the 70s is the perfect mix of keeping the impact on the planet as minimal as possible while adding a clear element of style.

Style favourites to hang onto 

As with any trends, some will last through the year and the next but may fade in their trendiness. There are some staple ideas that never go out of style.

The use of all white in the kitchen and even the bathrooms means you have the perfect balance of using all available natural light and giving off a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. With white as the backdrop to all around you, there comes the golden chance to insert your own sense of style.

From the use of plants and greenery to different and even contrasting colour tones in any decorative effects, you can have an interior that illustrates your taste and a home that you will love for years to come.

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