Fun Things To Do In Winter

Fun Things To Do In Winter

The colder months are the time to fire up the fun factor

Winter doesn’t have to be a time of discontent. It can be easy to drop the ball and go into a heavy hibernation, but there’s a whole lot of fun to be had if you plan ahead and stay on track.

If you are the active type, then grabbing the skis, toboggan, or taking a sled down the snowy slopes could be your thing. 

Others tend to want to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea and biscuits or cake. 

Then there’s the joy of having Xmas in July in the Southern Hemisphere. It can be cold enough to feel like it’s a white Xmas even if there’s not a drop of snow.

Finding fun things to do in Winter is easier than you think. Keeping an open mind will open the doors to some great experiences.

The Xmas feeling

With the colder months of Winter, there comes an opportunity of making something fun about being indoors and enjoying the warmth of company.

That’s why Xmas in July has taken off as a real calendar event.

Having the theme of Xmas as a backdrop adds cheer to even the darkest months. There are any number of ingredients you can add to make it feel like a legitimate Festive Season.

Try putting some of these together for your Winter occasion and you’ll see smiles on almost any face.

The list includes;

  1. Cooking Xmas themed food such as a turkey roast
  2. Baking gingerbreads and other festive biscuits
  3. Mixing up a batch or two of mulled wine
  4. Creating your own Xmas in July decorations
  5. Dressing up in Xmas costumes

There’s a whole lot more you can do such as giving small gifts or doing a Kris Kringle to make it all feel like it is the Yuletide no matter what the date is.

The out and out fun of being indoors

There’s nothing better than using the limitations of the cold weather to snuggle up. 

Just because you are indoors, doesn’t mean that you can’t make more of that time. Clearing out the living or dining room and hosting a party is a great morale booster.

If you’ve done the Xmas in July, then maybe a fancy dress or special themed party is on the cards.

The good thing is that you don’t often have the chance to get everyone together during the Summer months because of all the social events happening.

Winter is a great time to make the most of people’s availability. 

Making a Winter party the hot ticket item

There’s more chance of having all your invitations come back with a big Yes as the RSVP in Winter. There’s also a great chance to have a great time with a fancy dress occasion. Costume ideas are getting more involved and more elaborate. The fun of it all has caught on in a wide range of social circles and more events are popping up right throughout the year.

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The Art of Winter

If you are not into parties in the colder months and would rather keep things low-key, then art galleries and exhibitions are a wonderful way to make more of the Winter.

This is when a lot of works that have been hibernating in art storage then come out for show. 

Winter can be a busy time for a whole range of exhibition display services. From community art shows, special art sales, travel and leisure exhibitions, to corporate events and entertainment festivals, the calendar is easily filled with things to do.

It is the Winter Masterpieces that put art back into the forefront of people’s minds and the success has led to other exhibitions throughout different regions.

Winter is not just a time for snow skiing or trying to escape to somewhere tropical anymore. There are many sporting events to enjoy and culinary events to savour throughout the chillier times.

The hottest things to do in Winter

With Winter proving that the weather doesn’t really play a huge part in your chance to have fun, there are some out of the box ideas that have really caught on.

You might not immediately think of these as a Must Do in Winter, but there’s every reason why the popularity of these ideas has taken off.

  • Relaxing a hot springs spa can be truly reinvigorating
  • Heading to a pub with an open fire and maybe a night of trivia
  • Visiting a Winter night market
  • Watching the mid-year fireworks
  • Take in a high tea or join in on a chocoholics tour

There’s plenty to do when you really think about it.

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you can’t get out and about. Rugging up warm and snug in your favourite Winter woollies is a great way to enjoy this special time of year.

A crafty way to put a smile on your dial

With Winter comes the chance to take up a craft or hobby. 

Now is the perfect time to recapture your knitting or sewing skills or to learn it if you’ve never had the pleasure before. It’s also great to take on painting or art classes. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do a short course in creative writing, learn a language, a musical instrument or any other number of bucket list items. What better chance than when the weather is helping you think more deeply.

Rather than being a period to wallow in sadness or get all down and dark in your thoughts, just think of how many great and inspiring things you can do in Winter.

The future is as bright as you want to make it and you can enjoy an inner glow no matter what the weather.